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Runner up, Teaching category: Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Awards

Intercultural Design Collaborations in Sustainability


Kelly M. Murdoch-Kitt & Denielle Emans

"The teaching award is for innovation in education, instruction, content delivery, and student learning outcomes. Visionary curricular development, outstanding instructional quality, novel teaching methods, successful assignments and projects, and impact on student and alumni success are germane to this distinction."

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save ritchie

Shapes sustainable behaviors on campus through a series of competitive challenges both on and off-campus

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redefine clean

Mobile app prototype to encourage use of non-toxic cleaning & self-care products

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the global center

A cultural reimagination of the existing campus interfaith center.

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Unf**k the closet

Mobile app prototype that challenges overconsumption through personal organization

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stuck in a food desert

Interactive game prototype to raise awareness about food insecurity issues

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Diverting students' usable goods from the landfill

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A responsive web prototype that orients visitors to the campus climbing gym.

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campus nature trails

This responsive web prototype encourages exploration and care of the campus nature trails

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Course descriptions


Interactive Media Design
This new sophomore-level course introduces graphic design majors and minors to screen-based design. Design projects are created with HTML and CSS, with an emphasis on applying formal design and typographic principles to functional interactive designs through typical UX methodologies, as well as consideration for crafting optimal user experiences. The course will introduce a variety of hands-on methods for creating interactive experiences, including working with augmented reality and designing for the Internet of Things, in an effort to expand students' ideas of tools and possibilities that they can carry with them as they progress through the upper levels of the GD curriculum.

S17 Syllabus

Web & User Experience Design
This course explores the research, planning, design, and production of screen-based design; the primary focus of this course is user experience (IxD/UX) research processes and human-centered design (HCD). The course includes some instruction in responsive web design (RWD) and visual prototyping. Students continue to delve into web design concepts and principles in site design, page design, graphical user interface (GUI) design, and usability. Projects explore challenging contemporay topics, such as climate change, and reinforce how UX research methods and principles can apply to experiential design approaches both on and off-screen. Collaborative and interpersonal skills are reinforced throughout the course.

F16 Syllabus

Advanced Interaction Design
This "end-to-end" interactive course mimics the culture of innovative startups and leading-edge design firms such as IDEO and Frog. The challenge is to explore ways design can make our lives better, and use research findings as inspiration for unpredictable design interventions. Through ongoing research, a series of explorations in audience engagement, and iterative form-making, collaborative teams aim to arrive at meaningful, sophisticated systems or services that extend beyond one mere product or interface solution and use design to address behavior change on multiple levels.

F16 Syllabus

IxD Course Guidelines
In an effort to reduce "syllabus bloat" and keep the focus on the projects and trajectory of the semester, in 2017 I consolidated my syllabi into 11 x 17" “posters” and introduced this document as a supplement.

Guidelines Doc


Interactive 1
This course, taken primarily by sophomores and juniors majoring in the Graphic Design curriculum, introduces students to screen-based design for the first time. Through the lens of UX research and structure, students explore visual design approaches for interactive experiences on a variety of devices, including a redesign project in which they reimagine an existing online experience, and a civic-minded social innovation project in which they prototype an app geared toward a social issue of their choosing.


Design & Code for Civic Engagement
I taught this experimental course the first semester it was offered at USF. Design & Code enrolls both Design and Computer Science majors (upper-level undergraduates and graduate students). The course is highly collaborative and modeled after startup culture, teaming designers and developers together to identify a social issue in their local community, research it, and engage in human-centered and generative co-design processes to create and launch a built solution.

Visual Communication 2
As a follow-up to its precursor, Visual Communication 1, this course is offered to Design majors and minors as an introduction to screen-based design. The course introduces HTML and CSS as well as time-based design, and touches briefly on user experience (UX) design.

Visual Communication 1 & Design Media 1
Design Media 1 was absorbed into Visual Communication 1 during a change in the Design curriculum. However, both courses introduced design history, theory, criticism, concepts, and software from a print media perspective. The course was required for Design majors and minors, as well as majors from several other related fields, including Fine Art, Art History, Art Management and Advertising, so courses were often comprised of students from different programs and levels.

Class History

In reverse chronological order by school, 2011 – present
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
California College of the Arts (CCA)
University of San Francisco (USF)

School Course title Term Level
RIT Interactive Media Design (Sect. 1) S17 Soph.
RIT Interactive Media Design (Sect. 2) S17 Soph.
RIT Advanced Interaction Design S17 Sr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design F16 Jr.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design F16 Sr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design F15 Jr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design F15 Jr.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design F15 Sr.
RIT Interactive Media Design S15 Soph.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design S15 Sr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design (Sect 1.) F14 Jr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design (Sect 3.) F14 Jr.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design F14 Sr.
RIT Interactive Media Design (Sect. 1) S14 Soph.
RIT Interactive Media Design (Sect. 3) S14 Soph.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design S14 Sr.
RIT Independent Study S14 Sr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design (Sect 1.) F13 Jr.
RIT Web & User Experience Design (Sect 3.) F13 Jr.
RIT Advanced Web & UX Design F13 Sr.
CCA Interactive 1 S13 Soph./Jr.
CCA Interactive 1 F12 Soph./Jr.
USF Design & Code for Civic Engagment S13 Jr./Sr./Gr.
USF Visual Communication 2 S13 Soph./Jr.
USF Visual Communication 1 F12 All levels
USF Visual Communication 1 S12 All levels
USF Design Media 1 F11 All levels